Signagelive for IAdea SMIL devices

Signagelive has been working with IAdea since 2004 to support their range of SMIL ( non-PC devices for digital signage.

IAdea SMIL devices are available as media players and small format displays with integrated players. IAdea SMIL devices are solid-state with no moving parts and have been built for use in unattended environments.

Signagelive has developed native support for IAdea SMIL media players from our CMS unlocking all of the capabilities available. In addition to fullscreen and multi-zone layouts, the Signagelive support for IAdea SMIL devices includes;

– Landscape and portrait content supported
– Offline playback of stored media
– Video, IPTV, HDMI input (specific models), Images, Webpages, MediaRSS and RSS Text support
– Screen on/off scheduling (coming soon)
– Device monitoring of temperature, storage space, connectivity and overall operational status
– HQ and local content update and changes
– Layered content with transparent images over video

Signagelive for IAdea SMIL devices is available globally through distributors and resellers.

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